Based on TAREN's goals and principles, efforts are carried out throughout the year in order to place the right candidates in the right position. As TAREN, competencies constitute one of the most important criteria in our recruitment processes. Regardless of which department is evaluated, it is important that our candidates have the following eight main competencies:

* Loyalty

* Teamwork

* Contact

* Collaboration Development

* Result oriented

* Creativity and Entrepreneurship

* Developing Yourself and Your Colleagues

* Customer Sensitivity

All or part of the following assessment tools are applied to assess the suitability of our newly graduated and experienced candidates in accordance with the requirements of the position: 

• Competency-Based Interview

• Professional Personality Inventory

• Foreign Language Proficiency

As a result of all these evaluations, suitable candidates are offered a job by the relevant manager and the candidate found suitable for the position starts to work. Our aim here is to ensure that people are placed in a department appropriate to their qualifications by questioning their knowledge, skills, and competences.

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