For us, the health, safety, and security of everyone in TAREN is crucial to the success of our business.

In our operations, we continue to reduce the impacts of our operations on the environment and human health by using environmentally friendly and risk-free technologies, reducing waste, emissions and discharges and using energy efficiently with the understanding of recycling and recovery. 

* We systematically manage our operations to reduce risks and improve our performance.

* We comply with all applicable legal requirements, company policy, and implementation methods.

* We keep improving our performance at the highest level.

* We appreciate those who contribute to the development of our OHS performance.

* By providing a safe working environment, we deliver all our employees to their families in a healthy way.

* We continuously improve our performance by improving the leadership, capacity, and capabilities of our organization.

* We ensure that our OHS business plans have measurable targets and we work solution-oriented. 

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