The mechanical and electrical engineers that are employed by Taren Engineering, listen to you and have the ability to offer you alternative projects. We can offer you the projects you need to produce steel or machinery in our enterprise or we can implement your projects. 

We provide Engineering and Consulting Services together with our Technology Solutions in order to increase the sales and efficiency of companies and increase their managerial power. By analyzing the needs of the companies we work with, we create a business plan with the solutions that we can bring to these needs and we take action together with the company authorities within this plan. By measuring your goals, we continue to monitor the most effective ways to reach your goals.


It strengthens your hand with the software and consulting solutions, which will increase the management power of Taren Engineering and ensure their easy access to their goals and follow the instant situation of the company. 

Productivity and Sales

After requirements analyzed by our engineers, we save more time by preventing the loss of time with process improvements and software supports. This can be integrated into all your organization and increase your sales and staff-work efficiency. 

Infrastructure and Information Technologies

With Infrastructure and Information Technologies Engineering and Consultancy, your processes are examined and a road map is created by using today's software technologies, reducing the costs by reducing the jobs to raw materials and building a structure.

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